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DNS hosting for CCTV mobile and remote viewing

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DNS hosting for CCTV mobile and remote viewing

Mobile or remote viewing of your CCTV system requires several components: a broadband or high-speed Internet connection; a wired or wireless router; and a Static IP Address or a Dynamic Domain Name Server (DNS) Provider.

What is a Static IP Address and why do I need one?

When you have a device on a network, you can access it by entering the IP (Internet Protocol) Address in the Web Browser. Internet Service Providers supply a Dynamic IP Address to most customers. A Dynamic IP Address is like a phone number that changes every time you hang up your phone, while a Static IP Address resembles a phone number that never changes. Only your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can provide you with a Static IP Address and they will charge you a monthly fee for that service. In order for you to gain access to your CCTV system consistently, you need a Static IP Address that never changes.

What if I can't get a Static IP Address, or don't want to pay for Static IP?

Some Internet providers cannot provide a Static IP. You may, however still be able to view your CCTV. A third party entity that via their server site provides a stable IP Address Routing System that ensures that your IP Address, no matter how often it changes, is routed to a stable IP Address.

DNS hosting by MD4

For an annnual fee of £20 (with new installations), we will provide a DNS service to get around this problem. You will have your own "domain name" for your CCTV system that will connect to your system any time, regardless how often your IP address changes.

Have you already got a CCTV system that needs DNS hosting?

MD4 provides DNS service hosting for existing, capable systems as well, for a fixed fee of £35 that includes your first year's hosting fee of £20. Service is renewable after 12 months.



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