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Standard Intruder Alarm System - £299

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Standard Intruder Alarm System - £299

The Standard System is the basic entry level kit with convenient LCD remote keypad. It offers unbeatable value and is expertly fitted by one of our installation engineers. The complete system includes the following equipment:


The Honeywell Accenta Control Panel Unit and LCD Remote Keypad has 8 zones programmable for security and 2 for fire together with a 250 event memory.

The Entry Alarm System bundle includes 3 x adjustable Pet Tolerant PIRs, Live Bell Box (illuminated) and LCD keypad.


  • The Honeywell Accenta Mini Gen4 Control Panel Unit and LCD Remote Keypad: This is located near your entry point for convenient use. 
  • 3 x adjustable Pet Tolerant PIRs: These are used to protect areas such as lounge, kitchen and landing etc. Pet immunity to 25KG. 
  • 1 x Live Bell Box: This is a 109dB Polycarbonate bell box complete with it's own strobe and battery back-up. 
  • 1 x 1.2ah Battery Back-Up: This will normally run the system for up to 6 hours. 

Additional Features: 

Full Set 

When leaving the property you simply press the 'FULL' button and leave. Once all the zones are clear the system will set and the blue strobe will flash several times to confirm. 

Part Set 1 

By pressing the 'PART' button the system will automatically set for night time. this can omit zones that would otherwise trigger whilst in bed, i.e. landing PIRs, bedroom PIRs etc. 

Part Set 2 

By pressing the '2' then 'PART' buttons the system will automatically set for a 2nd pre-determined setting. This would normally be used to arm doors/windows while allowing the occupant to walk freely around the property. 

Auto Reset 

If your alarm triggers it will ring for approximately 10 minutes. After this period it will reset and re-arm. 


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